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Loopan tie wire stock - for briefings

Distribution partners:
I have a number of inventory, export standards, we hope to find distributors.

  • SS304 Tie Wire PVC Coated: 10,000 Linear Meters Solid Stainless Wire, 1.0 mm Dia, SS304, with 0.5thk mm PVC Coated, Black colour.
  • 50 bundles of 14 guage x 24" tie wires.
  • 30K of 30" loop tie wire (16 gauge).
  • 25kg Coil Black tie wire 4.0mm.
  • loop wire ties 6" 18G.
  • 200,000 of 100mm wire tie with loop at each end.
  • 16g (1.6mm) Stainless Steel Type 304 fully annealed 600n – 700n Wired in 1,000's.
  • Tie wire, galvanized, 1.5mm thick, and 450 mm long after the loop is made.
  • galvanize tie wire, 16ga ,18ga and 20ga and packaging 3.5lb/coil and 25kgs/coil, zinc coating 12/m2 or higher, 500 rolls.
  • Galvanized tie wires and PVC coated tie wires, 8 #, 10, 12, 14,16,18 & 20gauge.
  • 2.5 & 4mm anneal tie wire. Use approx. 5t of 2.5mm & 10t of 4mm per month.
  • Rebar tie wire, 16.5 Gauge black annealed rebar tie wire in 3.5lb spools.
  • 698 RL, Tie Wire, Roundbar Allum. 4 AWG, ACC Wire (16 mm).
  • 10" Black Annealed Loop Tie Wire.
    Core Dia: 1.0 mm +/-0.05mm Galvanized
    Outer Dia: 1.3mm +/-0.05mm
    Coated Thickness: 0.12mm
    Coated Material: Hard Vinyl Chloride (Green Colour)
    Tensile Strength: 390 –540 N/mm2
    Packing : 25Kg coils PVC &Corex shield wrapped
    Quantity: 37000Kgs.
  • PVC Coated Tie Wire in bulk quantity (1.4 / 2.0 mm)
    specification is attached 150 tons per year and in bundles of 5.0kg & 10.0kg coils.


Other wire products:

  • Concertina Razor Tape:  Galvanized Barbed Tape Concertina Roll diameter
    915mm, No. of Loops 52, Extended Length  15 MR, Spacing of Loop 200-280mm,
    No. of Clips 5, Spring Wire Diameter 2.50mm, Strip Thickness 0.5mm, Barb
    Length 10mm, Barb Width 12mm. Barb Spacing 24mm.   62.000 coils (930,000 MR)
  • Barbed Wire:  Galvanized barbed wire, IOWA Pattern, 2 Ply, 4 Points.  Galvanized strand wire 2.50mm dia, galvanized barbing wire 2.0mm dia, spacing between barbs 101mm, supplied in reels of 100 M, sufficient for 1 row.  9.300 Reels. (930,000 MR) 
  •  Tie Wire:  Galvanized + PVC coated wire 2.50mm od x 1.60mm core dia.  217,000 MR
     Rod: 16mm dia x 60cm  long galvanized at every 3 MR intervals.
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