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Tie wire manufacturing Information

Close to June 2015, the factory has full access to the sprint phase, for tie wire manufacturing, export. To ensure the completion of the task for the whole year, workshop staff continue to carry forward the spirit of striving, riveting drive, from days to production, with the attitude of battle runoff, sprinting to full-year target.

Varieties of tie wire products, manufacturing, all kinds of specifications:

800 rolls of stainless steel tie wire in 3.5 lb rolls for tying rebar
50 roll of stainless steel tie wire
galvanised small coil tie wire , loop wire ties in South Africa
galvanzied loop tie wire 1,0mm diameter in big coils

black annealed soft tie wire cut, following lengths:

3.15mm dia
1200mm long
1800mm long
2400mm long
And 2.5mm dia.
1200mm long
1800mm long
2400mm long

Total of 20 ton per month made up of a mixture of the 6 sizes.

Galvanized Loop Tie Wire

9" 3000 pieces
18" 5000 pieces

14ga X 14' galvanized bale tie wire with 250 ties per bundle
QTY 1,000,000 - Galvanised looped wire ties, 6" and 7" long x 1.6mm dia.

We have distributor in Malaysia & Singapore.

We are manufacturing of 3.15mm anneal tie wire, 1 x 20ft container load of approx 21 tonne. We have customers who use this wire in quantity already and presently using Australian made wire.
Customers would need all of the tensile strength information, in Mpa, tretch before breaking strain (kN) and length per kg.

1. TIE WIRE,SUS 321,1.6X170,H/ZOSEN,R-23201

MAIN EQUIPMENT DRAWING NUMBER :3610-22-02/03-1/11-4/11-5/11-6/11-26/11-29/11-30/11-31/11-2

EQUIP. TAG NOS         : R-23201 TO 23204
SERIAL NO. : A163-116-670
S.P.I.R. NO. : PSR2-PK-701
P.O. NO. : PSRD3A0003
DWG. NO. PLAT FO : 3610-22-02/03-1/11-4
TAG NOS. : R-23201 TO 23204

At present, with the tie wire varieties of increasing demand, our company ushered in the peak, a production system under the leadership of the leadership of the enterprise, the workers continue to carry forward the spirit of striving, every minute counts, work overtime to cover production, take concrete actions to ensure the successful completion of the annual production tasks.

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