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Cotton Bale Tie Wire: Specification, Using Method and Details of Galvanized and Black Annealed Bale Ties

Cotton bales ties can be divided into two types: black annealed cotton baling wire and galvanized cotton baling wire.

We supply looped wire ties for easy bulk packaging of cotton at various wire diameter and length.

Material: Low carbon or high carbon steel wire, black wire, electro galvanized wire and hot dipped galvanized wire.

Features: Good surface shine, uniform galvanized coating layer, good adhesion strength, excellent corrosion resistance. 

Packing: 20kg -1000kg/coil or 100-125pcs/bundle, then in wooden case, wooden pallet, or straight in bundles.

Usage: For tying cotton, plastic, paper and carton, etc. 

Our cotton bale tie wire specifications are as follows:

Item Looped Cotton Bale Wire
Wire diameter 8 Gauge-15Gauge (2mm-4mm)
Length 4ft-20ft (1.2m-6m)
Material Q195,Q235
Finish Galvanized wire or black annealed wire
Standard bundles 125 & 250 counts
Usage Tying cotton, plastic, paper and carton
Packing 125pcs/bundle or 250pcs/bundle, then in pallet or wooden case

How to use the cotton bale ties?

First step: Press quicklink around bale, place wire ends A and B together.

Second step: snap ends A and B together.

Third step: pull the wire loops to form a figure 8.

Cotton Bale Wire Ties

Galvanized Cotton Bale Wire Ties
Galvanized Looped Cotton Baling Wire

Black Cotton Annealed Baling Wire and Galvanized Cotton Baling Wire

Black Annealed Baling Wire and Galvanized Baling Wire suit for baling by machine Automatic to bale or bale to cotton and others.

Wire Diameter: BWG 20# - 8 #(0.7mm-4mm)

In general, diam. 3.15mm, 2.6mm,1.93mm, 1.8mm.

Cotton pack wire, bale wire with Single Loop or double Loops.

Processing with low carbon steel wire, through drawing,annealed and galvanizing.

Length: As customer's requirements.

We can  supply full container loads, mixed guage.

Material : High carbon steel according to DIN 17223 or upon request.

Surface:  Black Annealed,Galvanized,Hot-dipped

Diameter: 2.00mm to 4.00mm

Zinc coating: ad DIN 1548

Tensile Strength: 1500 to 1770 N/mm² - or as per client request.

Elongation:  at I = sd: 5 to 8% mini

Breaking Load at loop: 975 to 1050kg mini

Package:  Each bundle contains 200 pcs, well wrapped & protected

Uses: Quick link bale ties for packaging all types of expanding fibrous material cotton, synthetic fibre, wool etc. Suitable for hand tying & automated systems.

Payment : TT, 30% in advance, 70% after the copy of the B/L

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