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Floral Wire/Painted Wire

Floral Wire/ Florist Wire usually refers to the painted iron wire, also known as painted wire, artistic wire, craft wire, handiwork wire, colored wire, enameled wire, beading wire.

Floral Wire/Florist Wire is metal wire coated with a thin layer of paint surface then baked so not easy to fall off from the surface, thus changing the original color of the metal wire. smooth. In addition, raw metal wire has also been extended to the original copper wire, aluminum wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire, etc.

Floral Wire/ Florist Wire
Basic Information:

Material: Low Carbon Steel, Copper Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, Galvanized Wire and PVC Coated Wire, etc.

Diameter: 0.15mm-2.5mm.

Note: paint coating is 0.02 - 0.04mm

Tensile strength: 30 - 55kg/mm

Colors: black, green, yellow, blue, white, orange,More than 40 colors are available.

Green Color Floral Wire

Package of Florist Wire:
a.Waterproof paper inside per coil, then in paper carton,and pallets
b.Plastic bags inside per coil, then in paper carton,and palets
c.20coils/ carton,24 or 48 cartons/pallet
b. Other packing forms are also available as your request.

The productive process of floral wire is simple and common. 1. Paint 2. Bake

Usage: Green and color painted floral wire is used in the packaging bag of food, the fresh bag of clod storage, the garbage bag, and all types of refrigeration preservation bag. Also it is used in the superior quality of gift, do the craft work, art of garden.

Specifications of Floral Garden Wire with Gauge, Tensile Strength and Packing:



Tensile Strength

Packing Details

Hot-dipped Galvanized Wire
Electro Galvanized Wire
Black Iron Wire
Black Annealed wire
Small Coil Galvanized Wire
Garden Wire


also as customer’s
special requests

From 10kg to 1000kg,
Plastic inside and pvc
strapping outside or
hessian cloth outside .
also as customer’s
special requests

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