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Let we late opportunity to introduce our salves as Exporter, Importer, service Provider, Agent for the different Minerals, Ores, Ferro Alloys, Metals, Steels, Pipes and others.
We require for our Buyers at Australia the Tie Wires and the detail is as under. Please quote for this product. I will see if we have a picture of that product.

Black Tie Wire:We buy container amounts of the following products and we would appreciate your prices as we are ready to buy now.

HANDY COILS:1.57 mm wire diameter coiled on small coils 1.42Kg wrapped in lightly oiled brown paper. 10 coils are packed into a box and 64 boxes per pallet. (640 coils per pallet)

Approximately 26 pallets per 20f container.

We also do LOOP TIES in the following sizes:
110mm - in bundles of 2000 pc wrapped in hessian or plastic bags.
125mm - same
150mm - same
200mm - same

We also do CUT LENGTHS of Black Annealed Wire in 1.27mm in the following sizes:

280mm - packed in bundles of 3 Kgs and packed 5 bundles of 3Kgs per box.
350mm - Packed in bundles of 3 Kgs and packed 5 bundles of 3kgs per box.

We are interested in black annealed tie wire 16 gauge.

Black Annealed Tie wire (belt pack)
1.57 MM*1.42 KGS
Cartons of 14.2 Ks net per box
Each carton contains 10 rolls
64 cartons to a pallet
25 pallets into one 20 foot container

Loop Ties (rod ties)

Black annealed
Bundles of 2000

Please send information land pricing on the following:
A) 16 ga black annealed & oiled tie wire in 3.5 lb rolls
B) 16 ga black annealed & oilded wire loops - 6" and 8" in 1,000 pc coils, 5 coils to bag
C) 9 ga black & annealed tie wire in 100 lb coils
D)anchor bolts ?
E) electro plated wire on 100m plastic spools for use in Koon Wing tie machines.

What are the prices for a 20 foot container load and lead times?

We are interested in your plastic coated wires and would like to test several of your products. The rebar tie wire 1.5 mm, with black plastic coating and green plastic coating.
About 5 or 6 inches long.

We would also like to try other of your plastic coated wires, black color, 14 gauge and 16 gauge, about 6 inches long. 10 or 12 pieces of each will be needed.
We currently consume almost 2 containers a month into port of Sydney and 1 container into port of Brisbane. We will require the box to be white and our company logo printed on the box. Our main product is the tie wire belt pack.

Please check the above with the details and if you can do informe us to easy to discuss and proceed ahead.

Could you please send me your best offer price for the above subject with all the supporting documents & details.

Please quote the FOB price first for the discussion and proceed ahead.

Your reply is appreciated please.
And please do let me know if you have any agent in United Arab Emirates.
Your prompt action will be highly appreciated.

Add:Mingyuan Street, Dezhou, China Tel:0086-534-2328351 Fax:0086-534-2328351
Email: steelwire@tiewire.net URL: https://www.tiewire.net